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הרשמה לקבלת עדכונים ומידע אודות משרות ופרטים מהחברה

קהל היעד הרלוונטי:

We are looking for 3rd-year students from analytical degrees like Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Digital Sciences for High-Tech, etc., or 4th-year students from Science degrees like Industrial Engineering & Management. Graduates with high analytical and numerical abilities who are interested in a position that combines analysis with marketing and business aspects.

אודות החברה:

Kendago is a global leader in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) digital marketing and advertising, providing brands with a comprehensive suite of services, including proprietary AdTech-backed PPC, creative production, digital marketing expertise, and data-backed CRO optimization. We help our clients grow into world leaders by combining our unique approach to PPC with a focus on brand development, funnel optimization, and ad creative.

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* בהשארת פרטים הינך מאשר קבלת דיוור ועידכונים לכתובת המייל. 

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