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הרשמה לקבלת עדכונים ומידע אודות משרות ופרטים מהחברה

קהל יעד רלוונטי: סטודנטים ובוגרים להנדסת חשמל/הנדסת מחשבים/מדמ"ח.
אודות החברה:

TechPack Lab is an Israeli-based leading boutique hardware and embedded design services company. We assist large and market-leading companies, with our unique technological and engineering experience and advancement, in finding non-standard solutions for improving and refining their products. We accompany and guide start-ups in raising projects from the concept stage to mass production and high success.

We provide companies in Israel and around the world with professional, complex and impeccable solutions at a fair cost. Due to our professionalism, an uncompromising level of performance and personal commitment to the customer, we are recognized as a hub for expertise within the industry.


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