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מפגש אונליין עם נציגי Centrical
יום שני 20.12.21 | 13:00

ההרצאה פונה לבוגרים מתחום מדעי המחשב לתפקידי פיתוח.

אודות החברה:

Centrical provides an employee-centric success platform that holistically navigates employees, turn-by-turn, to success. Using actionable KPIs, deep gamification, personalized microlearning, collaboration tools, and augmented coaching, Centrical puts the employee at the center of business success.  Founded in 2013, Centrical serves a diverse client base comprised predominantly of global fortune 500 companies. Our platform is deployed worldwide and used by hundreds of thousands of employees.  Centrical operates globally with offices in New York, Dallas, London, Melbourne, Brazil and Israel

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תודה רבה

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