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הרשמה לקבלת עדכונים ומידע אודות משרות ופרטים מהחברה

קהל יעד רלוונטי: בוגרים וסטודנטים שנה ב' ומעלה בדגש על סטודנטים להנדסת חשמל ומדעי המחשב.

אודות החברה:

Intel’s mission is to create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth. With 3 design sites, the most advanced factory and over 14,000 employees, Intel Israel is a key factor in Intel's success.  Some of the most valuable products and features developed, design and manufactured in Israel. Intel is leading with cutting edge and innovative technology in several areas – Compute, Connectivity, AI Cyber Security, Manufacturing, etc.

Intel is one of the largest employers in Israel’s high-tech industry, as well as its leading exporter, continually expands its activities in Israel and is the largest investor in Israel. Intel strengthens Israeli higher education and the pipeline needed for the local high-tech industry and contributes to the growth of the Israeli ecosystem.

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* בהשארת פרטים הינך מאשר קבלת דיוור ועידכונים לכתובת המייל. 

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